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My name is Julien. I have been a musician for some 40 years. I play Piano/Organ and Keyboard. At school, I played in the school Brass Band, playing Tuba, Bb Bass and euphonium. I worked as a professional musician for some 15 years around the pubs and clubs in London and more so the Home Counties in England.

I was lucky enough to work on a small cruise ship and after the Falklands war ended back in 1982 had the honour of the working on show that was put together to entertain the troops over that Christmas

I was quite good at reading music and providing backing for artistes like singers, magicians etc. This was before the advent of backing tracks, that today are of course widely used.

There is some great software out there. I have used some of it and you can to produce your own backing tracks to make you sound the professional you are or want to be.


I like helping people make music. Before the advent of backing tracks we would read music to play for the artist. This was satisfying, good fun and we got paid for doing it, Brilliant eh. Getting paid to do something we love.

On the advent of the backing track or tape (cassette) as it was, smaller venues that couldn’t afford a large band could afford a musician who as well as playing their instrument could use a track to fill out their sound.

If you’re a beginner there is software that can help you learn more about your instrument and improve your skills. If you are a competent player then there is exciting software that can enhance your playing, for example Standard Midi Files and Midifile players that I’ll be telling you about.

Watch this space.


My goal is to help you succeed, become a more confident player. To believe in your own ability. To reach out for your goals in music. Far too much emphasis is put on singers today. These singers need us, talented musicians behind them to make them look and sound good. Here’s to your success.

All the best,