Learn Guitar

Who else wants to finally understand music theory using secrets your guitar teacher doesn’t even know about?

Meet Neill…

He a London based musician and guitar teacher, and he wants to tell you a story about why you’ve always struggled to understand and apply music theory. Like many people he found understanding and using music theory very hard, that is until he discovered superior methods for learning music theory.

There are reasons that many guitar players have been left confused and demotivated by every single method out there.

But understanding music theory can become incredibly easy if you are shown how to unlock the secrets of the fretboard.

His specialty is in helping people who have always struggled to learn, understand and use music theory and specifically people that may mistakenly think that they are too old to learn.

The trick is to overthrow the piano paradigm that is holding you back and embrace the attributes of the guitar that make it the best instrument for learning theory. Contrary to what you’ve been led to believe!

But before he gets into all of that he’s going to explain to you just where you’ll be after learning with the Guitar Theory Revolution method.

As most people understand it, they say that music is the universal language. It speaks to the soul, it changes the world and makes everything else worth it. From the beginning of time there have been so many musicians, writers and guitarists.

For years there has been great music, average music and horrible music it all depends on the knowledge of the musicians. However, since music is a very important aspect of life, then it is vital that good music is made.

You might be a good musician but not have the best of knowledge in music and as a result you end up making bad music. In this review we are going to look at Guitar theory revolution comprehensively. This theory is mainly for guitar musicians