Obviously your need a piano or a keyboard if your haven’t already got one. For instance an Upright piano. Upright pianos take up less space. They can be pushed up against a wall and don’t take as much space as a Grand or Baby Grand piano its a beautiful piece of furniture as well as a fine instrument. But its not a shelf. You need to be able to open the top to release that truly wonderful, rich sound.

Now a grand piano or Baby Grand makes A great center piece to a room, and can make you the center of attention when your are playing or even practicing, you and your family enjoying a good sing-song around the piano. It’s brilliant, I’ve done it and still do.

I prefer an overstrung piano. The strings on an overstrung piano criss-cross over one another, but not touching one another. That means your can have a longer strings in less space and produce a rich tone. The other type of piano is a straight strung piano.

A straight strung Grand piano has to be a lot longer to accomodate the much longer strings to produce the same rich tone of an overstrung piano. Straight strung pianos were the first. Then as pianos got smaller Overstrung pianos were introduced to keep the rich piano sound. Prices can range from the low hundreds to the high thousands,