Songs and Piano’s

Playing an instrument for pleasure, or fun. Whether you want to play at home for your own enjoyment, or in a restaurant, being paid to play the instrument your love and the music you love. I’m going to walk your through the basic steps, and can help your learn to play piano at your own pace. In the comfort of your own home.

Choosing your style or a song

What can seem like a very daunting journey from novice to even an intermediate pianist can be made a lot easier with structured lessons to guide your. Do your want to play jazz. Pop, classical, play by ear, learn to read music?

Master the basics and anything is possible.

Why not set your first goal of being able to play a song your like and already know well. Structured lessons can guide your to this goal easily. With just 20 minutes of practice a day you’d be amazed how quickly your could progress. My dear mum used to time my practice after my piano teacher told her that I must practice for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day.

That practice stood me in good stead on my journey. Most days I’d love practicing, some days I’d hate it. Mum would always say “you know you want to really” I was so glad that I stuck at it even if I was having a bad day as I became a professional Pianist/Organist for some 15 years.

Anyone can learn

You can learn to play piano in weeks not months. It doesn’t matter what age your are. Still, at school or college, retired, mum/housewife. No matter where your are in your life you can learn to play piano and get a lot of enjoyment from your chosen instrument. You can be playing tunes in very little time, loving every minute of it as your progress.

Different Types Of Piano

Obviously your need a piano or a keyboard if your haven’t already got one. For instance an Upright piano. Upright pianos take up less space. They can be pushed up against a wall and don’t take as much space as a Grand or Baby Grand piano its a beautiful piece of furniture as well as a fine instrument. But its not a shelf. You need to be able to open the top to release that truly wonderful, rich sound.

Now a grand piano or Baby Grand makes A great center piece to a room, and can make you the center of attention when your are playing or even practicing, you and your family enjoying a good sing-song around the piano. It’s brilliant, I’ve done it and still do.

I prefer an overstrung piano. The strings on an overstrung piano criss-cross over one another, but not touching one another. That means your can have a longer strings in less space and produce a rich tone. The other type of piano is a straight strung piano.

A straight strung Grand piano has to be a lot longer to accomodate the much longer strings to produce the same rich tone of an overstrung piano. Straight strung pianos were the first. Then as pianos got smaller Overstrung pianos were introduced to keep the rich piano sound. Prices can range from the low hundreds to the high thousands,

Personally I started with an old pre loved upright piano that we got from an auction for £200. It sounded great. Especially after we had it tuned by a professional piano tuner. He gave me some good advice. He told me to try not to move it as this can affect the tuning. Also, a dry environment is good again to help keep its tune. Damp can affect it as well. I now own a Samick digital Piano

Digital Piano’s

There are many digital or electric pianos on the market. I’ll be talking about some of them soon. There are two main types. A 61 note keyboard and an 88 note keyboard. I’d recommend your buy an 88 note keyboard as that is a full piano size, and as your progress with your playing and developing your techniques 61 notes is just not enough, your’ll end up running out of notes and falling off the end of your keyboard. You may also need a stand to put your piano on so it is at a comfortable height to sit or stand to play. I prefer to sit, but whatever your feel more comfortable with as your learn to play piano.

I use a Yamaha 9000 pro keyboard on gigs today. It’s an older model but it sounds great. A lot of the sounds are sampled and very true to life. Once your have mastered the basics as you learn to play piano, a keyboard similar to this can make your journey incredible. An older model can be bought for a bargain price. My 9000 Pro cost me just on £2,500 new, but now a pre loved can be bought for around £600, a bargain.

Finally (for now)

I made a good career from playing my instruments and I’d like to help your reach your piano playing goals. My music let me see parts of the world that I never would have seen and I was lucky enough to be paid for doing something I truly love. It also meant I made quite a few good friends and met some brilliant artistes on that journey.

Whether your’re a beginner or a novice, a professional, or someone who just likes playing your instrument for your own enjoyment. Believe in yourself, and your ability to become a proficient pianist. You can do it. You could be playing your first song or tune in just a few days.